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sauna belt, Beauty Massager
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portable sauna, personal massager
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sauna belt, Beauty Massager

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portable sauna, personal massager
Electromagnetic Device YC-EO II B
$139.00 USD
YC-EO IIB Type YC-EO IIB electromagnetic therapy apparatus is the luxury version of YC-EOII, It is programmed control, the timer and regulator are electronic controlled with Light Indicator and the therapeutic belts are covered with imitated leather.
Electromagnetic Device Accessories
Electromagnetic Device Accessories
  1. Imitate Leather Therapeutic Belt x 2
  2. Belt Buckle x 2
  3. Manual
Directions For Use
1. According to the requirement of treatment, dress the acupoint of treatment or pain point with the effect Belt with the side without leatherette (see photos below)
2. Please choose the double way function for treatment of multi-acupoints, symmetrical treatment or treatment for two persons at the same time. Insert the plug of the effect Belt into the socket at the back of the main body of the instrument.
3. insert the plug of the main body of the instrument into the socket of power supply. Turn the timer of the main body of the instrument clockwise in accordance with the requirement of treatment to set the time of treatment. By then, the power supply is connected, and the red indicator light is on.
4. Set the intensity of treatment. The instrument is equipped with adjusting switches for "Strong", "Medium" and "Weak". The intensity can be adjusted during the treatment according to the requirement of treatment and the endurance of patient for the best effect of treatment. Normally the time for treatment is 25 to 45 minutes (it can be extended to 60 minutes in winter), one to three times a day, and ten to fifteen days for a course of treatment. There should be an intermittence of three to four days between two courses of treatment.
5. For traumatic infectious disease and cytogenesis, first, wash the affected part, cover it with 2 or 3 layers of sterile gauze, and then compress the induction belt to the affected part, and it is effectively healed after several times of treatment.
6. For beriberi, it is best to switch the knob to the "Strong" grade Middle" grade is only used for temporary regulation.
7. In clinical applications of the instrument, if you first compress the belt to the part that is going to receive an injection of antibiotic, drugs can be easily absorbed and possible boil is to be prevented. Two hours later after the injection, when you compress the belt to the injected part again, you can generally raise 60% of the curative effect o1 the drugs.
8. When it works, this instrument dilates the topical blood vessel generally within 4 minutes. Magnetic induction generated by the instrument will produce a series of bio-physic and biochemistry reactions in human body, which will stimulate blood circulation, improve tissue nutrition, accelerate metabolism, warm Meridians, drive away coldness purge Collaterals and have anti-inflammatory and analgesic functions with the result of ergo tropics and cure.
9. The induction belt is limited in size due to the fact that the instrument is a topical one. During the treatment, when one or two main acupuncture points are chosen for the treatment, the belt may cover some of the other points that have nothing to do with the treatment. If this happens, it doesn't matter
People with the following situations should not use the automatic viscose rubber cushion:
1. People in high fever, with acute inflammation, tendency to hemorrhage, wounded or pregnant women
2. People with heart diseases or hypertension should use this instrument under the guidance of doctors.
3. When using Automatic Viscose Rubber Cushion for acupuncture treatment, the skin should be clean and dry. Sweat and dirt can weaken the curative effect and shorten the service life of Automatic Viscose Rubber Cushion.
4. Don't soak the cushion in water; the cushion should be stored in refrigerator as to avoid emulsification.
5. For external use only
6. Automatic Viscose Rubber Cushion can only be used independently and is forbidden to be used with effect Belt on the outside at the same time. Otherwise, the Automatic viscose will become useless due to emulsification caused by heat.
YC - EO IIB Specification
Power Valtage
110V / 220V
Power Frequency
50-60 Hz
Induction Strength:
Auto Timer
Power Consumption
Dimension / Weight
Weight (kg/lb)
110 x 177 x 84(mm)
1.4kg / 3lbs
Package Info
Weight (kg/lb)
203 x 233 x 113 mm
Shipping Weight: 2.30 kg
Shipping Dimension: 20.30 X 20.30 X 11.30 cm
Ground Shipping Cost: $29.00 USD

Above shipping charge is for USA & Canada only. The international shipping price will be subject to the destination.
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 10 November, 2005.

Market Price:  $172.00 USD
Our Price:  $139.00 USD 
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sauna belt, Beauty Massager
portable sauna, personal massager
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portable sauna, personal massager
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portable sauna, personal massager
sauna belt, Beauty Massager
portable sauna, personal massager
sauna belt, Beauty Massager
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portable sauna, personal massager
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sauna belt, Beauty Massager
portable sauna, personal massager
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