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sauna belt, Beauty Massager
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portable sauna, personal massager
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sauna belt, Beauty Massager

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portable sauna, personal massager
Electro Cupping - Women Cupping Set
$85.95 USD

Electro Cupping
New claim for beauty and body firming
The guide of reconstructing your body and skin by returning to natureal essence

Electro Cupping
Electro Cupping Specification
Electro Vacuum Gun
Common Cup:
A: 5.6 cm (Inner diameter) X 1cup
B: 3.0 cm (Inner diameter) X 1cup
Breast Enlargement Cup(Inner diameter: 10.3cm)
Power: DC3V~500mA
Charge Time: 8H
Package Information
Width x Length x High (cm): 21.2 x 22.5 x 10.3
Weight: 0.9kg / 1.8lb
Electro Cupping Benefits: Breast Enlargement Cup(Inner diameter: 10.3cm)
  • Breast Full-grown
  • Facial Therapy
  • Arms Therapy
  • Abdomen Therapy
  • Legs Therapy
  • Shoulder Therapy
  • Back Therapy
  • Buttocks Therapy
  • Thigh Therapy
Breast Enlargement Cup
How to use Electro Cupping
Select a proper cup, insert the cup into vacuum gun entrance, trun right to lock.
Please notice the bottom of the cup, and then turn it to a correct dirction based on gun ectrance.
Electro Cupping
2. Put the cup on your body. Move the power button to On.The vacuum gun will vibrate and send out motor sound, then, move the power level button that is on the right side of the vaccum gun to adjust the intensity(low~high) of the suction.
Electro Cupping
3. Note: You must keep holding your vacuum gun, when you use it.The vacuum gun will withdraw the air inside the cup automatically and cause vibration to massage your body. When you finish your cupping therapy, press a circular button that is behind vacuum gun to loose cup. Finally, turn left to remove cup.
Electro Cupping
Use Breast Enlargement Cup
The breast enlargement cup through the movement of muscles in the chest promotes blood circulation and sensory nerve transmission to the brain, which activates pituitary gland the rubber sealing cushion and link the cup and the vacuum gun with the connecting tube. Lay the cup onto the breast with the scale on the cup upward for the convenience of putting down the position of the nipple reaching to the cup. Hold the cup, which is on the breast with one hand and use the other hand pulling the lever of the gun to withdraw the air inside the cup so as to cause negative pressure of the cup, which may enlarge the breast. At the moment the pressure inside the cup and outside the cup is equal, the cup would fall off the breast spontaneously and the breast resumes to the normal state. Then put the cup onto the breast again, and withdraw the air. The breast enlarges once more. Repeat the procedure, which moves the muscle and benefits blood circulation for 15 minutes on each breast. Apply the treatment twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening. The flat and small breast will expand and throw out in a short term. It will eliminate your worry about flat chest. And keep you younger and beautiful in body forever.
  1. Cupping should be conducted in accordance to the instructions of the product or under the guidance of a doctor. For patients suffering from hematopathy, such as hemophilia, leukemia, malignant anemia, thrombocytopenia, etc. cupping is forbidden. It is not advisable to apply this therapy for individuals with skin allergies on the ulcerative or edema areas. Cupping should be done in a warm room, not in the open so as to avoid catching a cold.
  2. The breast enlargement cup is advised to be used individually so as to avoid infection, and spreading of skin disorders. It should be disinfected and kept clean at all times. Initially, start with the small sized cup. Upon enlargement, move on to the larger sized ones in order to accomodate the breast.
Current Reviews: 5
Shipping Weight: 0.90 kg
Shipping Dimension: 22.50 X 21.20 X 10.30 cm
Ground Shipping Cost: $15.00 USD

Above shipping charge is for USA & Canada only. The international shipping price will be subject to the destination.
This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 19 October, 2005.

Market Price:  $96.00 USD
Our Price:  $85.95 USD 
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sauna belt, Beauty Massager
portable sauna, personal massager
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sauna belt, Beauty Massager
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portable sauna, personal massager
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portable sauna, personal massager
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portable sauna, personal massager
sauna belt, Beauty Massager
portable sauna, personal massager
sauna belt, Beauty Massager
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portable sauna, personal massager
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sauna belt, Beauty Massager
Electro Cupping - Women Cupping Set
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portable sauna, personal massager
sauna belt, Beauty Massager
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portable sauna, personal massager
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sauna belt, Beauty Massager
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portable sauna, personal massager
sauna belt, Beauty Massager
portable sauna, personal massager
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