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portable sauna, personal massager
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sauna belt, Beauty Massager

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portable sauna, personal massager
Acupuncture Stimulator - KWD808
$179.00 USD
Both of these models are professional model of acupuncture apparatus, having a very nice and modern design. They are mainly used in clinics and hospitals for detection of acupuncture points, massage(TENS), acupuncture(electro-needle therapy) and magneto-therapy. These units are equipped with built-in timer and can perform 5 different kinds of waveform and each waveform is indicated by a symbol which lights up when selected.
Acupuncture Stimulator - KWD808-I / KWD808-II
  • Adjustable Frequency and Intensity
  • Adjustable Sensitivity probe-Point Locator
  • Build-in Timer
  • Five Buttons Wave Form Selection
  • Frequency Indicator Green Led Light
  • Power Green Led Light
  • DC 9V (1.5x6) Size CR14 UM2 Battery
  • Provide electro-needle therapy
  • Alternative to Hand Massage
  • Musical timing switch for medical treatment
  • Operating Output Protection Device
  • Provide needless acupuncture-pulse electric therapy
  • Assisting to Detect Acupoints
  • Multi-Purpose Health Device
Acupuncture Stimulator - KWD808-I / KWD808-Il Feature
Acupuncture Stimulator - KWD808-I / KWD808-II The device is very safe, due to its low voltage output, low frequency and emission of frequency equal to that of the human body.
There are five types of pulse waves to be selected:
  1. Continuous wave
  2. Dense-disperse wave
  3. Intermittent wave
  4. Ripple wave
  5. Respiration wave
Acupuncture Stimulator - KWD808-I / KWD808-II
Six kinds of wave combinations may be used at the same time or separately, and the output of each one may be regulated independently. In order to increase its effect, combine two or more outputs.

1. Continuous Wave:

Pulse duration r = (0.5 +/- 0.15)ms;
Repeated pulse frequency: f1=( 1+/- 0.5 ) Hz to
( 100 +/- 10) Hz. and FREQ1 can be regulated continuously,
Max Output pulse amplitude: 40V +/- 10V (Load 500 O.)

Acupuncture Stimulator - KWD808-I / KWD808-II

2. Dense-disperse Wave:

Dense and disperse waves display alternatively
Disperse frequency is f1, same with base wave;
Dense frequency is about 100Hz;
Pulse duration is 0.5ms;
FREQ2 regulates the frequency f2 of (10 +/- 3) cycles per min to (50 =/- 10) cycles per min
Max Output pulse amplitude: 40V +/- 10V (Load 500 O.)

3. Intermittent Wave:

Pulse shows at regular interval at the same frequency as above

kwd 4. Ripple Wave:

Its amplitude increases to maximum and drops to zero suddenly, repeating the process.
The frequency: (10 +/- 3) cycles /min to (50 +/- 10) Cycles/min.
The Max output plus amplitude range is over 5V to 30V
( load 500O )

kwd 5. Respiration Wave:

Its amplitude increases first, then drops quickly to zero, repeating the process.
At 1kO load Vp3 = 24V, other pulse data are same as above.

Acupuncture Stimulator - KWD808-I / KWD808-II
1. Turn on the device
Put 6 UM2 batter into the box or insert the plug of DC 9V into the external power socket back of the device, press the "power" to "ON" position, the power indicator lamp lights.
When detecting acupoint, "timer" is set to "OFF", and press "detective" at the same time. For Acupuncture and Massage Function, "timer " is set to "ON" select the different pulse wave according to the following guide line:
  • Analgesic: Continuous Wave (Dense wave), Dense-Disperse wave.
  • Improve Blood Circulation: Dense-Disperse wave.
  • Increase absorption of tissue fluid: Disperse and Respiration waves.
  • Excitement of muscle and nerve waves: Intermittent, Respiration, Ripple and
    Disperse waves.
  • Stimulations of collagenous tissue: Disperse wave.

2. Acupoint Detection
When detecting acupoint, The "timer" should be set to "OFF" and press "detective" at the same time. Insert the penplug into " detective out" socket (A or B), then adjust the "APD" knob until hearing a sound cue. Then, slowly adjust counter-clockwise until a suitable setting is found. Now hold the pen in your hand and place the point on your body until both a signal and light appear which shows the exact location of acupoints.

When detecting acupoint, "APD" is set to any position, there is no indication that shows your skin is too wet. You should dry the skin before detecting. If you regulate the knob to over 7.5, the device will emit a sound cue. At this time, the skin is too dry - wet the skin in order to continue.

During the course of detecting, the correct method is to press the head on the acupoint with slight pressure in a point/touch way. It is also incorrect to touch and press the acupoint for a longer time, for this causes a false reflection point (as cautioned by an unclear sound cue).

Based on the fact that the resistance of certain body points is laser than others, and due to differing skin electrical resistances due to sex, age, health, and season, the electric current used must be adjusted slowly until comfortable.

Caution should be used while detecting. When detecting is complete, "APD" knob should be turned to the "0" position.

3. Galvano-acupuncture
It is considerably efficient for doctors to use this method in for rehabilitative effect. Clip the needle into the patient's acupoint. Select the wave form desired and properly regulate the output strength.

When using this function, the "POWER" is set to "ON" position - set the timer as desired (if more than one hour, timer is set to " ON" position). Press the knob of wave forms selected - a green light will indicate the device is functioning. Then, turn the output switch corresponding to output end
according to need.

4. Hand Massage
Affix the two electric conductible rubber pieces to the place to be massaged (or to the areas of girth). Then, connect the lead wires to the pads, while plugging the other end of the wire into any one of the output sockets in the lower part of the device. Set the "power" is set to "ON" position, the timer as desired (if more than one hour, timer is set to " on " position). Press the knob of wave forms selected - a green light will indicate the device is functioning. Then turn the output switch, corresponding to the output end, gradually from a lower level to a higher level until a tingling sensation is experienced. After a period of treatment, if you feel the current is weak, the output may be increased. If the output is strong yet the feeling remains weak, you may connect two outputs to increase the treatment effect. Several output ends may be used at the same time for enhancing the rehabilitation, such as for sportsmen recovering from fatigue.

5. When finished
the "timer" switch is set to "OFF" position automatically and the "power" switch
should be set to the "OFF" position also.

Acupuncture Stimulator - KWD808-I / KWD808-II
  • One acupoint detecting pen
  • 4 output wires (with 3.5mm plug and clips)
  • 2 lead wires for the adhesive pads
    (with 3.5 mm plug)
  • 4 pieces of self-stick electrode paper
  • A set of instruction manual with acupoint chart
Acupuncture Stimulator - KWD808-I / KWD808-II
Adaptor Feature:
  • Output: 9.0V 0.6A
  • Input: 100 / 220V, 50/60Hz, 0.2A Max
  • Material: PC
  • Unit dimensions: 3.6" x 2" x 1.6"
    ( 8cm x 5cm x 4cm)
  • Exposed DC cord length: 60" (150cm)
Acupuncture Stimulator - KWD808-I / KWD808-II
100~240V All-purpose Adaptor Feature
(optional item,package not included)
  • + USD $8.50
  • Output: 9.0V 0.6A
  • Input: 100~240V, 50/60Hz, 0.2A Max
  • Material: PC
  • Unit dimensions: 2.5"x1.5"x1" (7cmx4cmx 2.5cm)
  • Stable voltage mode
  • Exposed DC cord length: 60" (150cm)
  • Short circuit protection
Acupuncture Stimulator Technical Description
Model name
Same Features
Power voltage: DC 9V
Input Power = 4VA
Maximum Power Consumption: 5W
Measurement (mm):222 x 172 x 75
9V battery, type PP3,6F22 or its equivalent
Different Features 6 Output Stations
Perfect for the Medical Professional
2 Detection of Acupuncture Points
Audio Button
4 Output Stations
Low Battery Test Button
On/Off Switch
Perfect for Home Use
1 Detection of Acupuncture Points
Available Options:
Current Reviews: 1
Shipping Weight: 2.20 kg
Shipping Dimension: 33.00 X 24.00 X 14.00 cm
Ground Shipping Cost: $29.00 USD

Above shipping charge is for USA & Canada only. The international shipping price will be subject to the destination.
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 01 November, 2005.

Market Price:  $349.00 USD
Our Price:  $179.00 USD 
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